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I'm using this mini-site to capture concepts and wider discussion around the topics I'm going to focus on with my Digital Anthropology blog.

It works as a hierarchical wiki (only I have access to wiki functionality at this point), with a semi-lattice (non-tree-like) structure - like a Pattern Language. This being a wiki, it's a permanent WIP, so some links will lead you to pages I haven't written yet - just hit the back button and try something else!

Working towards Post-Capitalism

Working to build non-market socio-economics: tools, structures and thinking - in order to further what Paul Mason calls Project Zero.

Tools for addressing Complexity

The necessity for humanity to develop usable tools and metaphysics that allow us to address systems exhibiting formal complexity.

Project for a Progressive Ethics (PfPE)

Thinking about Artifical Intelligence

- All of these topics can happily be considered as planks in a larger-scale project called:

Exponentially Human

- and over and above this sits an all embracing manifesto

Quicksilver Manifesto

More about this site

The aim is for this site to serve as a back-end to my  Digital Anthropology blog, with links working in both directions  - so that this site can can flesh out and be used to develop concepts and topics that I refer to regularly so that blog posts can be more readable. I can also use this site to build relationships between topics. Thus the blog and the wiki can complement each other, allowing an interested reader to traverse the landscape of my subject matter.

Pages here will generally have one of two characters; the first will be shorter and mainly informative - terse definitions and headline explanations. There will often be sketchy or incomplete pages here, as I work up my thinking. If they turn into fully fledged blog posts, they may disappear, to be replaced with a link to the post. 

What is not possible with this tool is the ability to use this wiki to self-document in graphical format, as Wikitect can do. Perhaps all that would be needed would be an 'export' add-on that could take some hooks from these pages, and the link structure, to produce a '.dot' format file which can be read by Graphviz.


Your mileage may vary...

Books - commentary etc

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