Working towards Post-Capitalism

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In his book, Post-Capitalism - a Guide to Our Future, Paul Mason (former Economics Editor of both Channel 4News and BBC Newsnight) sets out three linked arguments:

  1. That the success of neo-liberalism, in conjunction with the implications of digital technology and the Internet has led to a possibly terminal crisis for Capitalism as a hegemonic wolrd socio-economic structure.
  2. That the possibility exists that, using the tools of digital technology, a non-market, peer-to-peer socio-economic system can be built - not in opposition to Capitalism, but growing up in the spaces where it is absent or uninterested. Further, he suggests that this new system could perhaps become dominant, not through revolution but through superior relevance and dynamism, as Capitalism overtook Feudalism. He emphasises that this is not a firm prediction, but one possible future.
  3. That the combination the crisis in Capitalism, Climate change, demographic and pensions 'time-bombs', human population and other impneding crises make it urgent that some major change is undertaken. He suggests that a move to non-market socio-economics can be a key element of such a change, and proposes that this become an active project for progressives.


LETSfromaFeaturePhone - discussion and explanation of what LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) is, and an idea about how to implement a whole LETS market to be uased by clients with access only to a 2G feature phone.



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