Quicksilver Manifesto v0.1

Last revised: Thursday, 21 September 17 18:08:51 Europe/London

<this is a first draft for reaction / refinement / addition / development / remixing>

What we will build is a culture where the sphere of human dignity, freedom and empowerment is continuously enlarged and enlivened as the structural and recursive outcome of humans, individually and socially, seeking to satisfy their desires in the most fulfilling possible way.

It is time for human culture to take upon itself the challenge and task of understanding itself and its relation to the world (as best it can, on the clearly realised basis that this is in itself an eternal - and joyful - project), and to initiate a purposeful, dynamic process which continuously develops and refines tools and techniques for enabling, encouraging and empowering humanity in becoming what it wants to become, in conditions of ever increasing dignity, freedom and empowerment.

We do not seek directly to challenge the structures and mechanisms, or the cultures that history has delivered us into - for these are the fountains from which we have sprung.

What we will do, though, is transcend them.

We will do this, not through invoking some image of perfection, of a better version of ourselves, which we will exhort each other to attain, but by providing ever improving tools and techniques which offer to individuals and societies more effective and positive experiences in the satisfaction of their human desires than have hitherto been imaginable, and which offer them greater opportunities for dignity, freedom and empowerment than have hitherto been possible.

Before you throw this aside as an example of magical thinking, let us be clear - this is a vision founded in hard materialism, in the new affordances we have been empowered to imagine, design and implement on the back of developments in digital technologies and recent science. Concrete examples of toolings, technologies and practices are linked to this document.

Quicksilver toolings will offer all humans the possibility of satisfying their desires for:

 - in short, for all those human goods which are the fruits of complex societies - where these will be most straightforwardly, most joyfully, most entertainingly, most productively, most satisfying achieved through social and technical means designed to maximise the sustainability and growing cultural capital of all those who are so engaged.

What this is NOT:

Some things that ARE implied:


The tooling we consider crucial. These systems will increasingly interact to maximise capacity and minimise meaningless work while maintaining full transparency, traceability and security. 

Individuals and organisations using these tools in an integrated way will find themselves increasingly effective in satisfying their desires with fewer compromises.

The intention is not that there will be some single 'canonical' toolset, but that people inspired by this manifesto will engage with the development of the development of the initial toolset - see bootstrapping below.

Note that these tools originate from many sources - the point is to engage with their development, integration and refinement.

Tools exist, or are in development for: