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Currently, only a proposal for a project. The intial suggestion was made in forum after a London Futurists debate, and later worked up into a proposal on the Transpolitica website; the text is here: PfPE Original Proposal.

The suggestion is that an important (necessary?) tool for humanity in addressing all sorts of new questions brought up by rapid technological change (and the cultural change that follows) will be a more useful ethics. Further, that the work of developing such an ethics can form an important feed-in to the development of strong AI that behaves ethically in human terms.

Of course, a fundamental question that merits consideration is - 'Why is an ethics what is needed?'.

It is proposed that necessary characteristics of such an ethics would include:

And that, in order to develop and maintain these characteristics, a project would need to;

A London Meetup Group has been formed (Jan 2016).

There is a space for discussion here.