Minimally Viable Institution

Last revised: Thursday, 21 September 17 20:40:53 Europe/London

The purpose of the MVI framework is to allow the creation of organisations that are simultaneously:

MVIs are designed so that as far as possible, for all involved, one simple injunction is the only policy that is engaged with; the MVI Primary Injunction:

"Do what you think you should do; only if you consider that there is a potential conflict between this and some specific policy do you need to consult with others."

The meaning of 'consult' will be defined within the applicable MVI Policy, but will typically be based on the MVI Secondary Injunction"

"Discuss what you want to do with someone who is experienced with the policy(ies) concerned. Only if they confirm that there is conflict with the policy(ies) should you stay your action. If you consider that, in fact, it will better further the aims of the Institution to perform your action, and you are prepared to make a case for change, then you are free to engage with the group that controls the policy."

Again, the processes of engagement and decision making will be enshrined in Policies.

Policies are tiered - typically at least three tiers; operating policies at the outer edge, core policies within, and finally aims at the centre. Democratic hurdles are higher as you move inward. More tiers mught be necessary in larger organisations.

Policy tiers are viewed like this - with the 'do what you think' space conceived of as the broad, sunlit uplands - where you want to spend your life - and the successive tiers of deeper policy considered as going down into holes. The idea being that all involved should spend as much time as possible 'doing what comes next'. That anyone who spends more than the minimum time at deep levels is viewed as strange - possibly a risk to the institution.


The Secondary Injunction is recursive - so that if your desired change is agreed at one policy tier, but cannot be implemented as it appears to conflict with a policy at a deeper tier, you repeat the process at that deeper level.