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Ethics are not the only means whereby behaviour can be regulated, or the only basis on which one can attempt to make optimal decisions.

Before committing to ethics as the approach, we should consider the alternatives - and we can only make such considerations on the basis of understanding what it is we hope to achieve.

An intial answer (much in need of deeper consideration and investigation) might go along these lines :

It is when we come to formalised statements of ethics that we run into trouble. As our own internal ethical frameworks are largely feelings-based, we do not easily recognise them when stated in formal terms by others - all the traps of language and culture arise - and in a context where we are being invite to limit our personal choices about behaviour on all levels. The history of imposed moral codes haunts attempts at building broad-based ethical frameworks.

If this project is to progress it will need to understand this territory and develop strategies that address the problems. Issues to be addressed will include:

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