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'Script' for getting contributions in a social situation


We're asking people to tell us a couple of things about their hopes and thoughts for the future, to be celebrated at an event ten years from now - Exponentially Human, in September 2027.

QUESTION:  What do you want from me/us?

Just three things; something you'd like there to be more of in 2027, something you'd like there to be less of in 2027, and something trivial that might or might not change by then. 

Sometimes it's easier to start with the trivial thing - could be something in this room - anything. Imagine looking at a photo in ten years time - will there be anything commonplace that would date us, or possibly anchor us?

QUESTION:  Why should I do this?

So that your values, hopes and ideas for the future are part of the picture of the positive future that we'll be celebrating at Exponentially Human 2027.

QUESTION:  Why are you doing this? / An event in 2027?

Yes! An event! The dates are booked: 16-18th September 2027. It will be a celebration of human growth change for the better. You'll be part of seeding the future we want to be celebrating.

We're about imagining and talking about a better future - one in which humans have become exponentially human - ever better at being the amazing species we are. Response will be up on a website, of course, but also coded into a digital time capsule that will be reviewed at the event. Sharing, imagining and discussing our hopes and values, making them visible is part of how we co-create where we are heading.

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